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Corona Virus: The Burton Road Clinic, January 2020

We are pleased to report that throughout the latest UK lockdown we will remain fully open. As we provide Healthcare services we have not been asked to close, and having protective screens, all of the necessary PPE and cross-infection control in place we are a safe environment for patients and staff.

Osteopaths Nick Vine and Ashleigh Adams are treating lots of stiff backs with so many people working from home, and our other therapists are still in working hard too.

It goes without saying that if you develop any of the common symptoms of covid 19 please let us know and do not enter the building. If you are contacted by the Test and Trace service having recently attended here please list us in the Healthcare Category as we are designated healthcare workers wearing PPE and so not considered to be ‘possible carriers of infection’.

Please follow this link if you would like to review our covid risk assessment, and feel free to phone on 0161 446 2533 if you want to book an appointment, or discuss our covid procedures before attending.

Burton Road Clinic Covid-19    Burton Road Clinic Covid-19

Burton Road Clinic Covid-19 practice 3   Burton Road Clinic Covid-19 practice 3

What we offer

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Osteopathy for back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headaches, sciatica, disc injuries, sports injuries, postural problems due to computer use or pregnancy and the pain of arthritis.

Burton Road Clinic We're Registered General Osteopathic Council

Chiropody and Podiatry for foot problems including corns, verrucas and nail problems, as well as knee pain and postural issues

Massage Therapies for fatigue, anxiety and stress

Hypnotherapy for emotional issues, psychological growth, phobias, addictions, stress and anxiety

Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture for IBS, fatigue, anxiety, candida, fluid retention, insomina, skin conditions, high blood pressure

About the Clinic

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Whilst the Burton Road Clinic is primarily an osteopathic clinic, its
ethos has always been to offer high quality healthcare from a range of
different disciplines in a pleasant and professional environment. The
clinic is committed to offering a choice to those looking to improve their
health – whether that is physically, mentally or emotionally.

If you require further information please contact our Reception Desk on 0161 446 2533.

The clinic operates on a private fee-paying basis, although we are registered with all major health insurers and many of the treatment fees are covered.

All of the therapists at the Burton Road Clinic are fully qualified, registered with their relevant professional body and insured.