Reiki Healing Treatments and Reiki with Holistic coaching

Our Reiki Healing practitioners

Gouri Lal

PhD Dhyp, CHBPP, Reiki Master and Teacher who has been practising Reiki
since 2003.
Reiki Healing

Hours at the Clinic:

Please ring the clinic for appointment availability.

Dr Aoiffe Kilcommons

B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Phil., D.Clin.Psychol, Reiki Master and Teacher who has
been practising Reiki since 1998.

Hours at the Clinic:

Please ring the clinic for appointment availability.

To make an appointment please call 0161 446 2533.

Duration of treatment: Reiki treatments last approximately one hour.


Reiki Treatments:
£40 per adult session
£35 reduced rate ( Retired / student / not working)
£30 for children

Reiki plus Holistic Coaching £65 (£60 students, retired, unemployed). Holistic Coaching for adults £40 (£35 Students, retrieved,unemp[loyed). Holistic Coaching for children £30.

reiki healing treatment manchester

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a safe, effective, non-invasive, deeply relaxing method of healing that can be used in both the prevention and cure of physical illness, disease, stress and emotional difficulties.

Reiki is a Japanese word; REI means Universal and KI means Life Force Energy. It is pronounced Ray-Key. It is the vital life force energy that flows through all living things. When the flow of this Life Force energy through our physical bodies is blocked or disrupted, physical / emotional health problems tend to occur.

Given our ever increasing busy and stressful lifestyles, obstructions in bodily energy flow occur frequently due to the build up of stress hormones. Such blockages lead to a loss in energy, health problems, emotional imbalance and just feeling generally unhappy. Reiki treatments can help release such obstructions and may help you to feel much better by inducing deep calmness, relieving physical discomfort and increasing your ability to deal with life’s difficulties. Reiki is frequently reported to increase the quality of sleep and boost energy levels.

Reiki can also be used safely and effectively in combination with other therapeutic or medical treatments.

The power of Reiki should not be underestimated. Reiki healing is often described as a life-changing process and may assist you to overcome years of pain, or give you the clarity, strength and confidence to change the direction of your life.

Reiki with Holistic Coaching

Holistic Coaching can be part of an extended Reiki session or a separate session. As part of a Reiki session, the coaching would allow the client to express any current issues they would like to address through Reiki. After the Reiki treatment, the holistic coaching will involve discussion of their Reiki experience along with tailored meditations, affirmations and basic self-hypnosis techniques to use at home. The coaching is not a therapy, but gives clients more of an active role in improving their body, mind & lifestyle so to get more out of their Reiki sessions.

Reiki clients can also book in a separate session of holistic coaching to top up/reinforce techniques. It is available for both adults & children.

How can YOU BENEFIT from Reiki?

The energy-based system of Reiki therapy has endless healing potential.
Reiki Healing may help by:

  • Promoting deep relaxation, inner peace, & a quiet mind
  • Strengthening your immune system & accelerating the body’s natural healing abilities
  • Clearing toxins from your body, detoxifying your system to prevent disease
  • Unblocking your energy channels, balancing your body’s energies
  • Relieving pain & working to prevent and heal physical illness
  • Speeding up recovery from illness, medical treatment and post operative healing e.g. some patients report speedier recovery from chemotherapy with Reiki healing
  • Relieving stress-related symptoms (e.g. tension headaches and mental stress. Research has demonstrated a link between Reiki treatments and a lowering of blood pressure).
  • Relieving mental/emotional difficulties (e.g. anger, sadness by providing clarity into root cause and by releasing blocked energy)
  • Calming the nervous system and promoting better sleep
  • Improving concentration and creativity
  • Rejuvenating your body in the most natural way and boosting energy levels
  • Raising self-esteem, promoting feelings of harmony and well-being
  • Increasing bonding of mother with developing baby during pregnancy & helping pregnancy related illness

Who can benefit from Reiki?

Anyone could benefit from Reiki treatments. Even if you are a relatively calm and healthy person, Reiki healing on a regular basis could benefit you enormously on a preventative level by keeping you balanced and healthy. Reiki is particularly useful for those with physical symptoms and also those suffering from anxiety and uncertainty. Reiki is excellent for pregnant women, helping them not only to relax, but to bond with baby. Reiki is ideal for children and babies too.

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

The treatment can be carried out with you lying on the massage couch or sitting in a chair. You remain fully clothed.

The treatment involves the therapist gently placing their hands on or over energy points in your body with the aim of kick-starting the energy flow, releasing blocked energies, cleansing the body of toxins and working to restore physical and emotional balance.

The experience of a treatment may vary for each individual as you might experience a sense of deep, blissful relaxation, floating, tingling, warmth, heaviness, lightness, movement or a release. You might see vivid colours, clear images – perhaps of places and people. You might find that your thoughts are clearer or they are meaningful. Whatever you feel and see during a session is a unique experience to you!

Evidence of the effectiveness of Reiki

There is increasing evidence from a growing number of reputable scientific studies that Reiki is therapeutic. For example, research has demonstrated the beneficial effects of Reiki healing include: significant relaxation response, a significant reduction in stress, anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure, relief from depression, an increase in immunological functioning, and a reduction in pain levels and a reduced amount of pain medication required (Diaz-Rodriguez et al., 2011; Dressing and Sing (1998); Friedman et al., (2010), Makay, Hansen, McFarlane, (2004); Vitale, A.T., O’Conner, P.C. (1998); Wardell and Engebretson (2001)).