Rebecca Atkin

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Wed: 8.00am-1:00pm

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First assessment: FREE

During your free assessment Mrs Atkin will be able to tell you whether you need orthotics or not. A mini assessment is carried out and some basic information is taken. Occasionally people only need a heel raise or advice you on your existing orthotics. She will explain the charges and the assessment process. She will also show you details of an inexpensive insurance which could help.

For up to date information on the price of orthotics and fitting, see:

Rebecca Atkin

Rebecca Atkin is the clinic’s podiatrist providing custom made orthotics.

Mrs Atkin is State Registered, a member of the HPCP and a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

Rebecca has 10 years’ experience as a podiatrist having worked in both the private sector and within the NHS.

Rebecca has a special interest in orthotics as she believes poor posture can result in detrimental effects in other parts the body. Many problems may be treated this way, including pain in the following:
Toe, Ball of the Foot, Heel, Ankle, Shin, Knee, Hips and Back.

By wearing orthotics these problems can be alleviated over time and the position of the various joints in the body can eventually be brought back into a safer and more stable position, which in turn allows the muscles to work more effectively.

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