Osteopathy And Runners Knee

Osteopathy and Runner's Knee

Runner’s Knee, or patellofemoral pain, is pain usually felt over the front of the knee stemming from the joint between the knee cap (patella) and the end of the thigh bone (femur). There may also be some swelling, sounds of crunchiness or giving way.

As the name Runner’s Knee suggests patellofemoral pain is very common amongst runners and those who participate in any sport involving running. Studies suggest it is the most common athletic injury, and may affect up to a quarter of all people active in sport*. Research shows it affects males and females of all ages and backgrounds, and is discussed as a precursor to osteoarthritis**.

In the vast majority of cases this condition is treatable. It is almost always secondary to one of several risk factors which alter the mechanics of the patellofemoral joint. These include rotation of the thigh or shin; dropped arches in the feet; chronic muscle tightening or weakness and anomalous knee characteristics such as a small patella, hyperextension of the knee or an increased Q-angle (knees angling inwards).

Osteopathic treatment helps by identifying and addressing the risk factor, reducing the strain on the patellofemoral joint allowing it to heal. Advice is then given on how to avoid it returning in the future.

If you feel you might be suffering with this common condition, please feel free to enquire whether osteopathy can help you.

*Stefanyshyn et al (2006)
**Kannus & Nuttymaki (1993), Callaghan & Selfe (2009)

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