Osteopathy And Pregnancy

osteopathy and pregnancy

During the course of pregnancy the mother’s body undergoes tremendous changes over a short time. These changes are hormonal, emotional and of course physical. A mother-to-be can gain up to 2 stones in weight by the end of the pregnancy, and as her weight increases so does the physical stress on her supporting structures. Research studies have shown that as many as 70% of pregnant women suffer with low back pain.*

A pregnant woman’s posture will change putting more pressure on spinal joints, and this is further aggravated by hormonal changes reducing their natural stability. Osteopathy can help the mother to adjust with and manage her changing posture. It can help with back, neck and shoulder pain, pelvic pain, sacro-iliac or pubic symphesis pain and sciatica, all common complaints during pregnancy. Osteopathy in the right hands is a safe and effective way to help ladies whilst pregnant, and to enable a mother to be at her mechanical optimum for when she gives birth.

Osteopathyis beneficial helping the new mother to recover after pregnancy. Many women’s bodies do not easily return to normal, this can result in pain and some mechanical help is needed. This can particularly be the case after a caesarean section which can further slow the natural recovery of posture and osteopathy can help there too. Breast feeding will often cause neck and shoulder pain, osteopathy can provide relief whilst also addressing the underlying mechanical causes.

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*Mogren & Pohjanen (2005)

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