Orthotics are special footwear inserts designed to:

  • Balance the body
  • Alter the way you walk
  • Make various joints work more efficiently

When the body is out of balance, many of our joints cannot work in the optimal way and pain often results.

Rebecca uses an in depth assessment process to aid in the diagnosis of the problem and to ensure that the orthotics she prescribes are calibrated exactly to your body’s needs. Traditionally orthotics are prescribed from the casts of the feet, however Rebecca uses a specific fitting kit designed to prescribe bespoke orthotics which are designed to fit your foot perfectly. These orthotics are also designed to easily fit into most types of footwear.

Our Orthotics Specialist

Rebecca Atkin
Rebecca Atkin Orthotics Podiatrist

Hours at the Clinic

Wed: 9:30am-1:00pm

To make an appointment, please call 0161 446 2533.


First assessment: FREE

During your free assessment Mrs Atkin will be able to tell you whether you need orthotics or not. A mini assessment is carried out and some basic information is taken. Occasionally people only need a heel raise or advice you on your existing orthotics. She will explain the charges and the assessment process. She will also show you details of an inexpensive insurance which could help.

For up to date information on the price of orthotics and fitting, see: www.mypostureperfect.co.uk.