Camila Paz Bermudez Cid

Clinic hours & contact details

On request

To make an appointment, please call 0161 446 2533.


Advanced Clinical Sports Therapy and Sports / Remedial Massage:

30 mins £35.00
45 mins £40.00
60 mins £50.00
£15 fee for cancellations on the day of an appointment.

Hot Stone Massage:

60 mins £50

Camila Paz Bermudez Cid

Camila is a fully qualified Holistic Massage Therapist from Santiago, Chile. In Santiago she studied at the Quiromassage School of Manual Massage Therapies which originated in Barcelona, Spain. Since graduating from the school in 2009 she has worked in sports clinics and exclusive spa resorts in Santiago and San Pedro de Atacama.Camila is qualified in Sports, Deep tissue and Relaxing Massage. Camila is also qualified in cupping and hot stone massage.Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine which uses glass cups to create suction and negative pressure on the body. Cupping can loosen muscles and encourage blood flow. Cupping is commonly used to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines and even cellulite.

Hot Stone Massage is a therapy which uses warmed volcanic stones (basalt) which are placed all over the body, and the stones are used in the massage treatment. This treatment is effective for muscle relaxation, hypertension, stress relief and can aid sleep.