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Camila Paz Bermudez Cid
Sports massge, deep tissue massage, relaxing massage and hot stone massage
Camila Paz Bermudez Cid

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Body massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Indian Head Massage,
Relaxing Massage:

30 mins £25.00
45 mins £30.00
60 mins £35.00

Hot Stone Massage:
30 mins £30
60 mins £42

Gift vouchers available

Massage TherapiesMassage therapy can help relieve tension and restore vitality and can be helpful for problems such as some sports injuries.  It can also be beneficial for those without a medical condition simply seeking relaxation. Treatments can be booked for yourself of given as a gift using one of our gift vouchers.  They can be taken as a lunchtime break, after work treat or before/after an important event.

Swedish body massage

body massage

Can be used to help relax or to invigorate.

Body massage is based on the manipulation of the body’s soft tissue using the hands, producing beneficial effects upon the blood vessels, lymphatic system, muscle tissue and nervous system. Full body or back only.

Indian head massage

Helps insomnia, stress, eyestrain and headaches. Boosts the immune system.

The head and shoulder areas are all energy centres where tension is likely to accumulate. Indian Head Massage is particularly suitable for stress, tension and anxiety as well as those suffering with headaches and migraines or head and shoulder pain. These areas are massaged along with gentle stimulation of acupressure points on the scalp and face. The treatment usually begins in the seated position commencing with shoulder, upper arm and neck massage followed by the head and face. Normally treatments last 30 minutes but a combination with a back / leg massage can be arranged. Indian Head Massage can be suitable for elderly clients and can be through clothing if preferred.

hot stone therapyHot stone spa therapy

Enhances circulation and deeply relaxes the muscles.

This massage technique uses hot basalt rocks which are placed on specific points on the body, in conjunction with a facial mssage with cold stones to tone and assist lymphatic drainage.

Also offered (please ask for more details) –